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Comfort, Hybrid, and other Bicycles

Comfort & Hybrid Bicycles
In a versitile world, some of us need a versitile bicycle.  From flat trails to public roads, we ride on a variety of surfaces for pleasure or commuting.  Comfort and Hybrid bicycles are compatible with our go-anywhere lifestyle.

What’s the difference between a Comfort and a Hybrid bicycle?

Comfort bikes feature ergonomically-conscious design and classic frame styling, reminiscent of the 1960’s & 70’s but with all of today’s superior construction and versitility. Plush saddles and comfortable upright seating proves that no matter how old you are, you can still enjoy the comfort and freedom of an active lifestyle on two wheels.

Hybrid bikes are adaptable to both paved and unpaved use, combining features of mountain and road bikes to create a versitile design. The hybrid is popular among students and urban commuters as well as many people who vary their riding locations from street to light off-road. They have strong construction and are affordable means of transportation great for navigating city blocks or a college campus. Cargo racks can easily be added to make your hybrid the best alternative to gasoline transportation.


Tandem, Recumbant, and Trikes

Tandem bike riding is an art, and it’s great for couples and friends. We can custom-order any tandem bicycle. Stop in and speak to Russ.

Recumbants can also be special-ordered for any rider looking for something different or to accomodate physical limitations. We’ll gladly order and assemble any recumbant with the same dedication to quality and service.

Trikes are great for adults and seniors who want a stable ride with the ability to carry cargo. They are also great for children and adults with certain disabilities. We can order the trike you want – stop in and speak to Russ to see trike models to see what’s right for your needs.


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